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About a bookmark

A bookmark is a saved dashboard runtime filter. A dashboard consumer creates a bookmark of an existing dashboard runtime filter using the Bookmark control in the Filter bar of a given dashboard.

The dashboard consumer who creates the bookmark is the bookmark owner. By default, a bookmark is a personal bookmark. A personal bookmark is solely for the use of the bookmark creator. A user with View access rights to the dashboard can create a personal bookmark.

Only the bookmark owner can edit or delete a bookmark that they own.

Bookmark properties

There are three bookmark properties:

Property Description
Name The name of the bookmark
Set as Default When enabled, the dashboard applies the bookmark’s dashboard runtime filters
Make it Public When enabled, all dashboard consumers with View access rights can select the bookmark

Set as Default

A bookmark owner can enable the Set as Default property on one of their bookmarks to be a default bookmark for the dashboard. This means that when the bookmark owner opens the dashboard, their default bookmark is applied as a dashboard runtime filter. The Set as Default property of a bookmark only applies to the bookmark owner. It is not possible, even for the dashboard owner, to configure a default bookmark for any other user.

Public bookmark

A bookmark owner with Edit access rights to the dashboard can enable the Make it Public property of a bookmark that they own. A public bookmark is available for use by all users with View access rights to the dashboard.

Example of bookmark behavior for dashboard consumers

In this example, there are three Incorta users that are creating a bookmark for the same dashboard:

  • myDev and is the dashboard owner
  • myBA has Edit access rights to the dashboard
  • myBU has View access rights to the dashboard

All three users can create Personal bookmarks, but only the myDev and myBA users can make their own bookmarks public.

The myBU user can select and apply the public bookmarks created by the myDev and myBA users. The myBU user cannot make their bookmark public, and hence cannot share any bookmarks that they create.

All three users can edit and delete the bookmarks that they own.

Steps to create a bookmark

Here are the steps to create a bookmark for an existing dashboard runtime filter:

  • To create a bookmark, in the Filter bar, select Bookmark (Bookmark icon).
  • In the Bookmark dialog, select + Add Bookmark.
  • In the Add Bookmark dialog, specify the following properties:

    • Name
    • Set as Default
    • Make it Public

To edit or delete a bookmark, in the Filter bar, select the bookmark icon. In the Bookmark dialog, for the given bookmark, select Edit (Pen icon) or Delete (Trash icon).

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