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About variables

A variable stores data of a specific data type. Incorta offers both built-in variables and user-defined variables.

Typically, a variable stores a mutable value. However, in Incorta, certain types of variables such as session variables are immutable within the variable scope of a user session.

Built-in system variables

Here are the type of system variables:

About user-defined variables

A dashboard developer or schema developer creates one of the following types of user-defined variables:

  • Presentation variable
  • Session variable
  • Global variable

Each variable type has a specific variable scope and degree of mutability. For example, presentation variables are mutable within the scope of a given user’s interactions with a specific dashboard.

Presentation variable

For a dashboard, you can create a presentation variable. You can reference a presentation variable in another dashboard filter such as an applied filter. You can also reference a presentation variable in an insight filter such as an individual filter. To learn more, review the following:

Session variable

A session variable value is immutable during the scope of the user session. You can create three types of sessions variables:

Global variable

A global variable is available to all users in a given tenant. A global variable often functions as a constant. A global variable also can have a dynamic value. To learn more, review the following:

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