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Please note that this release has reached the End of Life Support. Accordingly, the documentation of this release will be deprecated by end of June, 2023.

Release: 4.7 (Release Notes)

Page last updated: April 24, 2020


As a Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP), Incorta is very different from your traditional database, data warehouse, or business intelligence application.

With Incorta, there is no need for data transformation or intensive data modeling. Easily analyze large and complex business data sets in real-time.

Incorta’s secret is Direct Data Mapping™. Direct Data Mapping™ gathers intelligence about structured data to deliver jaw-dropping performance, even with billions of rows, hundreds of joins, and thousands of tables. Direct Data Mapping™ bypasses the need for traditional data modeling and eliminates unnecessary data reshaping. Direct Data Mapping™ means abandoning the complexity and fragility of traditional Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) batch jobs and procedures for the legacy data warehouse.

Incorta makes it easy to connect to and ingest data from databases, data warehouses, cloud applications, data streams, and data lakes. Incorta is the only Unified Data Analytics Platform that retains all row-level security from the source systems.

The Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform lets business users and analysts drill into aggregated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and view raw transactions at the row level. With data veracity and high fidelity at everyone’s finger tips, decision makers, frontline managers, and executive teams quickly adopt new preferences for Incorta’s business-friendly, easily-shared dashboards filled with interactive insights. Incorta also integrates nicely with what data warriors traditionally prefer: Power BI, Tableau, and MS Excel.

For DataOps teams responsible for data engineering, data pipelines, data science, and data analytics, Incorta is the only Unified Data Analytics Platform that unifies enterprise data, multiplies insight driven productivity, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Discover Incorta

In the topics on this site, you will find the information you need to install and access your Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform and perform administrative and user tasks.

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  • Use Incorta UDAP . Sign in, load your data and schema, and use the Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform to manage data, create insights, and more.
  • Install or Upgrade the Incorta UDAP . Start here to learn the requirements needed to install the Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform and the steps to install it. Learn how to upgrade from a previous version of Incorta to the latest version.
  • Configure the Incorta UDAP. Learn how to configure tenants, servers, and other options to enable the Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform to run the way you want.
  • Secure the Incorta UDAP. Learn how the Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform handles security and how you can secure Incorta Analytics.
  • Administer Incorta UDAP. Learn how to manage users, monitor Incorta Analytics, and dive deeper into connecting data sources using developer tools.
  • Run Incorta in the Cloud. Discover ways you can use Incorta in the cloud with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more.
  • Build Solutions with Incorta UDAP. Learn how to build solutions in Oracle E-Business Suite Accelerator with Incorta Analytics.
  • Release Notes. View the most recent release notes.

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