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About Upgrade Readiness

As a term, Upgrade Readiness means that an Incorta environment — Development, User Acceptance Testing, or Production — has been prepared for taking an upgrade. In this regard, Upgrade Readiness is the result of a process that ensures that the Incorta environment is ready for an upgrade.


Depending on the number of tenants in your Incorta cluster and the number of physical schemas, business schemas, session variables, and dashboards, the process of Upgrade Verification may take anywhere from 30 minutes to several days.

Achieving Upgrade Readiness

Achieving Upgrade Readiness may require a significant of time and resources. Various resources may need to work both independently and collaboratively to proactively resolve identified issues. These resources include:

  • a System Administrator with root access to the host or hosts running Incorta Nodes, the host running the Cluster Management Console (CMC), and the host or hosts running Apache Spark
  • a CMC Administrator
  • a Database Administrator
  • a SuperUser that can access each tenant in the Incorta environment
  • an Incorta Developer to resolve identified issues with formula expressions, schema alias, joins between tables, and dependencies between objects such as dashboards and business schemas

Tools for achieving Upgrade Readiness

There are numerous tools that your resource team will need. Here are some examples:

The team will need to at least run these tools once your Incorta environment. In certain cases, your team will need resolve identified issues. In order to ensure success, the Upgrade Readiness process may iterative: as your team resolves some issues, new issues may surface.

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