Mongo DB

MongoDB BI connector is a standalone ETL (JSON to flat table) server between MongoDB and BI tools.


  1. Set up Mongo DB.
  2. Install the Mongo DB connector for BI.
  3. Install the Authentication Plugin.
  4. Create a Sample Schema.
  5. Add MongoDB as a Data Source and define the connection parameters.

MongoDB BI Parameters

Parameter Description
Username Username for Mongo DB instance
Password Password for MongoDB Username
Connection Pool (defaults to 30)
Connection String String describing how to connect with the Mongo DB data source with the following format: jdbc:mysql://<HOST>:<PORT>/<DATABASE_NAME>.

See MongoDB’s guide on standard connection string format for additional help.
Connection Properties Additional required connection properties

Install the BI Connector

  1. Stop your Incorta Services.  
  2. Download the MySQL 5.1.48 connector.
  3. Extract the connector jar file to the following installation paths:

    • ./IncortaNode/runtime/webapps/incorta/WEB-INF/lib/
    • ./IncortaNode/runtime/lib/

Install the JDBC Authentication Plugin

  1. Download the Mongo Authenticator Jar (mongosql-auth-1.2.0.jar) from here
  2. Extract the file into the same folders mentioned above.

    • ./IncortaNode/runtime/webapps/incorta/WEB-INF/lib/
    • ./IncortaNode/runtime/lib/

Create a Sample Schema

Open the Mongo command line and push a JSON document into your table

use <Database Name>;
coll = db.<DATABASE_NAME>;
coll.insertOne({ "someField" : "VALUE", "NestedChildTable" : [  ....  ]});

See Cached Sampling on the MongoDB site for more information.

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