Google Drive

Incorta supports Google Drive as a data source.

For a list of other data sources supported by Incorta, see Data Sources.

For more information on how to connect to a data source, see Connect a Data Source.

To use Google Drive as a data source:

  1. Select +New.
  2. Select Google Drive in the Data Source field to choose a database connection. To use Google Drive, you must enable the HTTPS protocol before or after installing Incorta.
  3. Connect to and authorize Google Drive in the Cluster Management Console (CMC). After logging in, go to Tenants > Tenant_Name > Miscellaneous to add the following parameters:

    • Google Drive Client ID
    • Google Drive Client Secret
  4. In Incorta Analytics, enter the Data Source Name.
  5. Select Authorize. A new browser will open to authorize you in the application portal using your email address and password (which is not accessible by Incorta Analytics).
  6. Once authorized, select Select to locate the data source on Google Drive.
  7. Restart Incorta.


Ensure that file names inside the drive are unique. Incorta does not read files with same name (including recovering a deleted file with the same name as an existing file).

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