Incorta supports Freshservice as a data source.

For a list of other data sources supported by Incorta, see Data Sources.

For more information on how to connect to a data source, see Connect a Data Source.

To use Freshservice as a data source:

  1. Select +New.
  2. Select Freshservice in the Data Source field.
  3. Complete the following parameters:

    • Data Source Name
    • Domain
    • Authentication Type
    • Email and password or API Token
    • API Version
    • Custom Date Formats
  4. Select Add Data Source.
  5. (Optional) Test the connection.

If you choose to connect to Freshservice using the API token, you can choose to include ticket stats. If you include ticket stats, you use more API credits. If you do not include ticket stats, the stats fields display, but do not contain data.

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