Data Lake Azure Gen2

After you have added Azure Data Lake (ADLS) Gen 2 as a data source, use the following information as a guide for configuring the connector parameters.


  1. Install latest Incorta build. Visit Install and Upgrade Incorta for instructions.
  2. Create an Azure storage account. Find out more about setting up a free Azure account and creating a storage account here.
  3. Grant Incorta permission to Azure Storage. The steps to do that are on the Microsoft site here.
  4. Download and Configure Azure Gen2 Driver. Before connecting an ADLS Gen2 data source, you must first download and configure the ADLS Gen2 driver for Incorta. The driver is in a JAR file. The Azure Gen2 JAR file must exist in both the CMC and the Incorta Services installation paths. For additional assistance with configuring the driver, see Configuring ADLS Gen 2 Connectivity.
  5. Add Azure Gen 2 as Data Source in Incorta: Follow the instructions to add a new data source. When asked for the specific parameters in the New Data Source dialog, you will need to have the following information to complete the connection.

Azure Gen2 Parameters

After you have added Azure Gen2 as a data source, specify the following parameters in the New Data Source dialog:

  • Data Source Name
  • Authentication Type: Storage Account Key or Service Principal

    • Storage Account Key
    • Account Key: Required only if Storage Account Key Authentication is selected.
    • Service Principal: The following parameters are only required if Service Principal authentication is selected:

      • Client ID: Application ID
      • Client Secret Key: A secret string that the application uses to prove its identity when requesting a token. Learn how to generate a secret key here.
    • Tenant ID: Directory ID.
  • Directory: Use abfs to connect without an SSL connection.

    • Example:abfs://<file_system>@<account_name><path_to_folder>.
    • For additional information on the URI syntax to use for the Azure Blob File System (abfs) see this article on the Microsoft site.

Authentication Support for Azure Gen2

For an Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 data source, you can choose the following Authentication Types:

  • Storage Account Key
  • Service Principal

The Storage Account Key is used to grant access to data in your storage account. You can find the storage account key in the your Azure Portal under Settings. See View Access Keys on the Microsoft site for further instructions.

An Azure Active Directory Service Principal is an identity for an application that needs to access or modify resources using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). To learn more about creating an Azure Active Directory Service Principal in your Azure Portal, visit How to Create a Service Principal Portal.

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