Configuring a Data Source Connector

Incorta supports a variety of connection types. Each connection type is configured through a screen which allows you to enter parameters specific to the connection type.

This procedure assumes Incorta is up and running.


You must collect information about how to connect to the data source. This may include the path to the data, usernames and passwords and so on.

For some connections, you will need to satisfy any connection protocol specific requirements. For example, it may be necessary to open ports for a specific protocol or start a server on the data source host. See the specific connect reference here.


Incorta is assumed to be up and running.

  1. Select the Incorta window then click Data in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click New in the Action Bar then Add Data to bring up the connection type selector. i connection type selector annotated
  3. Bring up the connection type specific configuration screen by clicking the icon matching the desired connector type.
  4. Fill in the connector type specific parameters. See the relevant supported connector type’s reference page for more information.
  5. Optionally, test the connection by clicking the Test Connection button.
  6. Click OK.

You have created a connection to a data source. This data source will appear under External Data Sources

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