Get Started

The Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform user interface consists of several areas that help you navigate and see your data.

Functional Areas

On the upper left-hand side of the screen, you can navigate between different functional areas in the Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform. Only items in the upper left-hand side menu, for which you have permission, will be displayed. For example, you may not have permission to manipulate users, groups, and roles in the Security area. In this case, you would not see the Security icon.


The Content page gives you access to Folders and Dashboards. The Content tab contains only the folders and dashboards that you own.

After signing in, the first screen you see is the Content page. This page contains your favorite items, folders, and dashboards. To return to this page from anywhere in the application, select the Incorta logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, or select the Content tab.

The content page contains three sections; favorite items, folders, and dashboards. You can use the search bar at the top to quickly locate your content.

Folders and Dashboards

The main body of the Content page is divided into Folders and Dashboards. Select the More Options menu (three vertical dots) corresponding to a folder or dashboard to customize your workspace.


The Schemas area is used by an Analyze User to define and maintain schemas and session variables.


This area is the interface for connecting data sources and data files to the Incorta Unified Data Analytics Platform for data ingestion. This is typically the role of the schema developer, but can be performed by an end user who has the Analyze User role.


In the Security area, users with the necessary permissions can define and maintain users, groups, and roles. For more information, see the “Management Security” section in the Security Management Guide.

The search in Incorta is context-aware. It knows, for instance, that when you are in your Content for example, that you will look for Dashboards and Folders, not for rows of data. When you are inside a specific Dashboard, the search box searches for values in available columns. The smart search functionality limits the results list as you type, so you find the most relevant match quickly.

Add New

The +New in the Action bar is a context-aware button. Where available, select +New to add the object appropriate for where you are. For example, from Content , +New allows you to create a folder, create a dashboard, or import a dashboard. From the Schemas tab, +New allows you to add or import schemas.

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