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Customize Themes for Incorta

Incorta allows individual users to set their default dashboard color theme. The Dark Theme setting changes the interface background to dark mode and is useful for presenting Incorta dashboards on large screens or if you simply prefer a dimmer background in low-light settings.

Enable Dark Theme

You can enable Dark Theme from your profile settings.

  • Sign in to Incorta Direct Data Platform.
  • In the Navigation bar, select Profile (profile icon).
  • In the Profile menu, select from the navigation bar to open your profile settings.
  • Select the User to open their profile menu.
  • Select the Appearance tab from the Edit User drawer.
  • Toggle on the Dark Theme switch.

The setting will go into effect immediately and your dashboard’s color theme will automatically transition to a dark interface.

Dark Theme Limitations

The dark theme is not available throughout the entire user interface. For example, when you are editing an insight, table, or join, or viewing schema table details, the screen will revert back to the light theme. Once you have exited from the unsupported sections of the user interface (analyzer, schema designer, table or join editor) your screen will return to the dark theme.

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