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About the Alias Sync Tool

The Alias Sync Tool is a Python script that resolves possible issues with aliases and joins that involve aliases. You can learn more about an alias in Concepts → Alias.

A System Administrator with root access to the host running an Incorta Node is able to run the Alias Sync Tool for each tenant in your Incorta cluster.

Download the Alias Sync Tool

You can download the Alias Sync Tool here:

Copy the file to the Incorta Node

  • Using Secure Copy or similar, copy the to the /tmp/ directory to an Incorta Node in your cluster, typically an Incorta Node running an Analytics Service.
  • Change the ownership permissions to the incorta user
  • As the incorta user, copy the file to the <INCORTA_NODE_INSTALLATION_PATH>/IncortaNode/bin directory

Run the Alias Sync Tool with alias tables

For each tenant in your cluster using the following steps:

  • Run the script python <Incorta_URL> <Tenant> <username> <password>
python mytenant myadmin mypassword

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