Connect Data Sources

About Data Sources

Data Sources are external databases or local data files that you can use to bring data into Incorta Analytics.

Local Data Files are files uploaded directly into memory from a local disk. Incorta supports these file types: .csv, .tsv, .tab, .txt, .xslx, .gzip, and .zip files.

External Data Sources use a connector to extract data from an external database or application.

Connectors and Data Sources

Each connector supports various types of configurations that require different configuration properties. During the data source set up process,you will need to specify what these connector parameters and properties are in order to complete your connection to the data source so you can extract and load data.

To view a list of currently supported data source connectors and their specific properties and parameters visit Supported Data Source Connectors. From there, you can choose a data source connector for more details on the connection process.

Add a Data Source

  1. In the navigation bar, select Data.
  2. In the actions bar, select +New, then select Add Data.
  3. In the Choose a Data Source dialog, select your data source.
  4. Enter a unique Data Source Name (the name chosen cannot have any spaces).

    • If you have chosen an External Data Source: Specify the parameters for your connector in the New Data Source dialog. Refer to Supported Data Sources for the parameter details and descriptions for each supported data source connector.
    • If you have chosen a Local Data File: Compressed files (.zip, .gzip) will upload uncompressed into Incorta’s Local Data Files.
  5. To test, select Test Connection (optional).
  6. Select Ok to save your changes.

To view your saved data sources list, external data source connectors will appear in the External Data Sources tab, while files or folders will appear in the Local Data Files tab.

Test External Data Source Connection

Testing your data source connection is an optional step when adding a new data source. After adding a data source, you can test the connection anytime.

  • From the External Data Source list: Select Test Connection in the row of the chosen data source.
  • From the New Data Source dialog: Select Test Connection located in the lower left corner of the dialog.

Save Data Source with Incomplete or Invalid Details

You can create or edit a data source with incomplete or invalid details and modify them later using the Edit Data Source instructions.

  1. After entering the connector parameters, select OK to save.
  2. An error dialog will notify you that some fields are invalid.
  3. To save the invalid settings, select Save anyway.

Share a Data Source

From the Data Source List:

  1. For the selected data source, select Share (people icon).
  2. From the Share dialog, enter the users or groups you want to share in the With: field.
  3. Select a permission level to assign to the user or group:

    • Can View: User can view the data source but not share or edit.
    • Can Share: User can view and share the data source.
    • Can Edit: User can view, share, and edit the data source.
  4. Select Share.

An email notification will be sent to the user or group letting them know a new data source has been shared with them.

Edit External Data Sources

From the Data section, you can edit your External Data Source connector parameters.

To modify an External Data Source:

  1. Select the connector from the External Data Sources list.
  2. Select Edit (pen icon) for the data source you want to modify. (Hover your cursor over the Data Source row for this option to appear).
  3. From the Edit Data Source dialog, you can:

    • Choose a different connector by selecting Change.
    • Edit the connector parameters or properties.
    • Test the new connector parameters.
  4. Select OK to save the connection.

Delete Data Sources

From the External Data Source or Local Data File lists:

  1. Select the data source(s) or file(s) from the list.
  2. Select Delete (trashcan icon) to remove them from your data source list.

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