Supported Data Source Connectors

This article should be used as a reference guide when adding a new data source or modifying a data source.

The Incorta Direct Data Platform supports the following categories of data sources:

  • Databases
  • Applications
  • File Systems
  • Query Services
  • Data Lakes
  • Streaming Data
  • Custom SQL
  • Local Data Files

Configure Data Source Connectors

External data sources need a connector in order to extract and load data into Incorta.

To use these connectors, you must input specific parameters and properties to set up a connection and complete the steps to Add a Data Source. Some examples of the information you will need include the path to the data, usernames, passwords, etc.

For some connections, you will need to satisfy any connection protocol-specific requirements. For example, it may be necessary to open ports for a specific protocol or start a server on the data source host.

Select any of the connectors below to learn about these details and where to find them, so that you can successfully connect your data source to Incorta.



File systems

Query service

Data lake

Streaming data



  • Custom SQL

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