Verifying Incorta Tasks are Running

You may fail in attempts to attach to the Incorta services. If this is the case, it may be the required Incorta tasks are not running on the host. You can check this and restart these services if necessary.

First, check that the services are running. Do this by searching for the processes in the process list. For a UNIX-like system, use the ps command from a terminal:

$ ps -e | grep "Incorta" | awk '{print $4}'

This assumes the path to the Incorta service executables includes the word “Incorta”. If you have installed the binaries elsewhere, use an appropriate string to reflect the actual path. You should see a list of processes associated with Incorta. If you see nothing, you will need to start or restart them.

For Windows users, open the Process Explorer and filter for the Incorta processes.

To start the services on the nodes (Analytics and Loader):

$ <path-to-incorta-install>/IncortaNode/

To start the CMC:

$ <path-to-incorta-install>/cmc/

At this point, verify the processes are running as described above. Then retry the procedure for connecting to the Incorta services.

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