Start and Stop Incorta

You can stop or start Incorta across all services of the platform.  You can stop and start all platform services to upgrade or troubleshoot your system.

The following steps apply to a typical, single-server installation.

Stop Incorta

  1. From the Cluster Management Console (CMC), select Stop All Services.
  2. Stop Incorta Node by running the command  ./IncortaNode/
  3. Verify that Zookeeper (and Derby, if you use it) is stopped. If not, kill Zookeeper and Derby.
  4. If Spark is running, stop it by running the command ./IncortaNode/

Start Incorta

  1. Start the Incorta node by running the command ./IncortaNode/
  2. Start the CMC by running the command ./cmc/
  3. Start the Loader and Analytics services from the CMC.
  4. If you use Spark, start Spark by running the command ./IncortaNode/

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