Known Issues for Release 4.6

Here are the know issues for the 4.6 release.

Before Upgrade

Before upgrading, run the Inspector Tool. To learn more, please review the Inspector Tool documentation.

In the Inspector Dashboard, first identify all Severity 1 issues such as null pointer exceptions for invalid joins and formulas. Next, resolve the Severity 1 issues by recreating schema joins when applicable and resolving issues with specific formulas. After resolving the Severity 1 issues, then upgrade.

After Upgrade

After upgrading, sign in to the Cluster Management Console (CMC) and upgrade the Cluster Metadata database.

To sign in to the CMC, visit your CMC host at one of the following:

  • http://<Public_IP>:6060/cmc
  • http://<Public_DNS>:6060/cmc
  • http://<Private_IP>:6060/cmc
  • http://<Private_DNS>:6060/cmc

The default port for the CMC is 6060. Sign in to the CMC using your administrator username and password.

To upgrade the Cluster Metadata database, follow the steps:

  • In the Navigation bar, select Clusters.
  • For each cluster name in the Cluster list, in the Actions column, select Upgrade Cluster Metadata.

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