Known Issues

The following issues are known, but were not yet fixed in this release.

Incremental option toggle

If you toggle an incremental option before you add a query, a list of new incremental columns do not update and display until you save and close the table, then re-open it. Replicate this error with the following steps:

  1. Edit a schema.
  2. Select +NEW to create an SQL Database table.
  3. Select a datasource.
  4. In the Data Source modal, toggle Incremental to on.
  5. In Incremental Extract Using: select Last Successful Extract Time.
  6. In the Query box, add a query.
  7. The Incremental Extract Using: dropdown does not change.


  1. Select Add, then Yes to save and close the modal.
  2. Open the SQL table again to see options in the Incremental Extract Using: dropdown.

Deleting a schema causes Incorta to freeze

Replicate this error with the following steps:

  1. Create two or more schemas.
  2. Create overlapping scheduled jobs.
  3. Select two schemas to delete, including one schema with a scheduled job.

Expected behavior: The schemas are deleted and no exceptions happen.

Actual behavior: The schemas are deleted and Incorta freezes.

Formula Joins

Incorta allows joins only on a formula column that are referencing fields in the same table.

Replicate this error with the following steps:

  1. Create a schema (for example, Sales_out).
  2. Create a formula column in Table 1.
  3. Create another schema (for example, Sales) that contains Table 1 and Table 2.
  4. Create an alias table (Table1_Alias) from Table 1 inside the Sales schema.
  5. Create two child joins in the alias table (Table1_Alias).
  6. Load both schemas.
  7. Create a new dashboard to observe the query plan.
  8. Load the Sales schema only.
  9. The join breaks in the query plan.

To solve this issue, either load the other schema or delete the join and create it again.

Multiple Data Sources Causing Overrides

Starting from version 4.3, data from more than once source can cause an issue with overriding data. When you load records from Data Source 1, then load records from Data Source 2, with the same keys, data from Data Source 2 overrides the records with the same key as Data Source 1.

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