Encrypt Metadata Database Password

You must encrypt your metadata password for Incorta Analytics release versions 4.0 and up.

To update the metadata password:

  1. Navigate to Cluster Management Console (CMC): http://<INCORTA_CMC_HOST>:<PORT>/cmc/.
  2. Navigate to Clusters then the <CLUSTER_NAME>.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Enter the unencrypted metadata password for the CMC, loader service, and analytics services.
  5. Generate the encrypted password (see the instructions and example following this task).
  6. Use the generated password in Tomcat (see the instructions and example following this task).

Generate the Encrypted Password

Use the file file.com.incorta.tools.tomcat.DataSourceFactory to support encrypted passwords for a custom datasource factory and the class main method to encrypt the password.

The encoded password is generated for you in the data source definition. The following is an example of what displays when the classpath is configured:

java -cp encryptedDS.jar com.incorta.tools.tomcat.DataSourceFactory

Enter password:

Confirm password:

Encrypted Password: m1rwxCXxhW7p87U9AWe8yg==

Use the Generated Password in Tomcat

  1. In the Tomcat server.xml file, find the JDBC Datasource definition, also known as a resource tag.
  2. Change the data source definition to com.incorta.tools.tomcat.DataSourceFactory.
  3. Update the password to the encrypted password.

The following is an example of the updated data source definition:

     <Resource auth="Container" name="jdbc/incortaDB" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
     factory="com.incorta.tools.tomcat.DataSourceFactory" testOnBorrow="true"
     initialSize="10" maxActive="500" minIdle="10" validationQuery="select 1"
     driverClassName="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" username="root" password="m1rwxCXxhW7p87U9AWe8yg=="

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