Use Incorta to create dashboards of Linux system behavior regarding Memory, Disk, IOPS, CPU, and Network.


  • Collectl Linux monitoring tool
  • script
  • Incorta

Perform the following steps to monitor Incorta:

  1. Install the Collectl Linux tool on your machine using the following command:

    • For Centos: sudo yum install collectl -y
    • For Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install collectl -y
  2. Run the following command to generate data.csv file which will have all monitoring data: collectl --comment . --sep 9 -i60 -P -scCdmn -oz --nohup >data.csv &
  3. Run the script on data.csv to generate result.csv file which is compatible with Incorta: ./ data.csv
  4. Upload result.csv into Incorta as a data source.
  5. Create a Schema with any name (for example, Monitoring).
  6. Load the result.csv table in the Monitoring schema.
  7. Create a formula column which concatenates the Date and Time columns into a new column with the name TimeStamp.
  8. Save.

You have now set up a dashboard to monitor your data.

Monitor Incorta using logs

The best way to investigate issues with the Incorta Analytics application is to access the logs. The logs in Incorta are distributed over two folders:

  • One for the analytics processes
  • One for the loader processes Check the logs for both folders when issues issues arise.

Access the logs

  1. Connect to your instance using SSH.
  2. Navigate to the following directory:

List the services on an instance

  1. Connect to your instance using SSH.
  2. Use the following command: <INSTALLATION_PATH>/IncortaNode' then './

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