Install Incorta

To install Incorta, you will need to know the following terms.

Term Description
Cluster Management Console (CMC) CMC is a web application developed by Incorta to help manage the provisioniong of Incorta’s services, clusters, nodes, and tenants in any environment, including high availability infrastructures. It helps administrators with different functions like starting, stopping, and editing clusters configurations.
Incorta Service There are two types of Incorta services, loader and analytics. The CMC is responsible for provisioning and monitoring these services onto the Incorta nodes in the Incorta environment.
Analytics Service An analytics service handles queries sent to Incorta behind the scenes while users create, edit, export, and schedule reports and dashboards.
Incorta Node An Incorta node is installed on the server that hosts as many services (loader/analytics) as the resources permit, or as needed per the topology requirement. After installation, an Incorta HA node gets federated using the CMC to link it to one cluster only, making it unavailable to link to other CMC instances. An Incorta HA node can only be installed once on a single server.
Incorta Cluster An Incorta cluster is a vrtual container of all the Incorta services (loader and analytics), regardless of where the services are installed. Services can all be installed on as few as one node on one server, or as many as required by the chosen cluster topology. Clusters can easily be manages using the Cluster Management Console (CMC).

Basic Installation Steps

You can use the installation wizard or manually install Incorta Analytics.

Regardless of the installation type you choose, use the following steps to start installing Incorta Analytics:

  1. Log in to the server where you would like to install Incorta Analytics.
  2. Download the Incorta Analytics build Incorta-<BUILD_DATE>-<BUILD_TIME>.
  3. Locate the file in the build folder and unzip.
  4. Locate and run the file incorta-installer.jar, using the command: ./install to force console-mode installation.
  5. Read the welcome page, then select Enter.
  6. Read and accept the license agreement.
  7. Select New Installation.
  8. Select Typical Installation for a single node installation or Custom Installation for multi-node installation.

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