Create Incorta E2C Instance

To create an Incorta E2C Instance:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Select Launch instance, then select the Incorta image.
  3. Select Next: Configure Instance Details.
  4. Choose the VPC and role with the following parameters:

    • Network: Default
    • Subnet: No preference
    • Auto-assign Public IP: Use subnet setting (Enable)
    • Capacity Reservation: Open
    • IAM role: <Incorta-role>
    • Shutdown behavior: Stop
    • Tenancy: Shared * Run a shared hardware instance
    • T2/T3 Unlimited: Enable
  5. Select Next to configure storage.
  6. Add a new volume.
  7. Encrypt the volume using the following parameters:

    • Root: EBS
    • Device: /dev/sdb
    • Size: 8
    • Volume Type: General Purpose SSD (gp2)
    • Encrypted: <your KMS key>
  8. Add Tags.
  9. Select Next: Configure Security Groups.
  10. Select the security group you created, then Review and Launch.
  11. Select an SSH key pair then select Launch Instance.

You created an EC2 instance for Incorta.

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