Create Forumula Column

A formula column can be added to a table, containing formula-calculated data using other columns in that table. This way, you do not have to add that missing column to the table in the data source. For example, if you have “Revenue” and “Cost” columns in a table, but missing the “Profit” column, you can easily create a column (e.g. “Profit”) defined by a formula that calculates the profit (i.e. Revenue - Cost). The “Profit” column is now a formula column that will be available when creating Insights, for all users having access to the parent schema. Formula Columns can easily be created in the “Table Details” page.

To create a Formula Column:

  1. Navigate to the “Schema” page.
  2. Select a schema.
  3. Select the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the table where you want to add the formula column.
  4. Select “Table Details” from the drop-down menu. The table definition page opens.
  5. Select +New in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  6. Select “Formula Column”.

  7. Scroll down to the new formula column field in the “Formula Columns” section.

  8. Check the “Show in Analyzer” checkbox, to show this Formula Column in the Insight “Analyzer”.
  9. Set the Name, Label, and Function fields.
  10. Select anywhere in the “Column Formula” field to open the Formula Builder. The “Formula Builder” window opens, where you can enter the formula expression.

NOTE: Formula columns created in business schemas will not be added to the default dashboard filters list.

Preview sample column data

  1. Navigate to the “Schema” page.
  2. Select any schema. The schema definition page opens.

  3. Select any table to preview its sample column data. The table definition page opens.
  4. Select the preview (eye) icon corresponding to a column to preview a sample of its data.

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