Configure EBS Accelerator

Here are the required steps to configure the Oracle EBS Accelerator for EBS COMMON schemas.

  • Sign in to the Incorta Direct Data Platform as a user with the access right permissions to edit the EBS Accelerator schemas.
  • In the Navigation bar, select Schema.
  • In the Schema Manager, select the Session Variables tab.
  • Edit the Default_ledger and Default_Period variables as follows:

    • Update the SQL to match your customer environment
  • For each of the following EBS COMMON schemas, perform a Full Load:


To configure a specific EBS module, please refer to the module section for configuration details.

EBS Accelerator Security Groups

The EBS Accelerator tenant includes two Security groups:

  • Admin group - This security group includes the “Admin” role.
  • ReportAdmin group - This security group includes the “Analyze User” and “Schema Manager” roles.

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