EBS Accelerator Configuration

The following steps are required to configure the Oracle EBS Accelerator.

  1. Obtain the following information from the customers:

    • Value for master_organization_id from mtl_parameters (Request from customers). Select distinct master_organization_id from apps.mtl_parameters;.
    • Master category set ID (it is typically 1 or 2) - One value would suffice (Request from customers). Select category_set_id from apps.MTL_CATEGORY_SETS_B;
  2. Edit the table SQL in the ITEM_COMMON.MTL_ITEM_CATEGORIES table, modify the master organization id and category set ID. Then, update the full and incremental SQL, and save.
  3. Navigate to the “Schema” tab at the top of the Incorta web application.

    1. Select the “Session Variables” tab.
    2. Open the “Default_ledger” and “Default_Period” variables.
    3. Update the values in the SQL as per the customer’s environment.
  4. Load the “EBS COMMON” schemas. For example:

    • Refer to the section of each module for additional module-specific schemas.

Default Object Security

The EBS Accelerator tenant comes with default security groups to set the security level of schemas, dashboard folders, business schemas, etc. The security levels are:

  • Admin group - This security group includes the “Admin” role.
  • ReportAdmin group - This security group includes the “Analyze User” and “Schema Manager” roles.

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