With the TMT, reset the Superuser password for a Tenant

Reset the Superuser password for a tenant

You can reset the superuser password using the Tenant Management Tool (TMT).


If you are using the embedded Derby database for the Incorta Metadata database, you must stop first stop the Incorta Node. Apache Derby does not support multiple users accessing the database concurrently. After updating the Superuser password, you must start the Incorta Node.

The TMT is located on the Cluster Management Console (CMC) host. To reset the Superuser password for a given tenant, you must have terminal access to the CMC host. Here are the steps to reset the Superuser password for a tenant:

  • Navigate to the TMT directory on the CMC host:

    cd ~/IncortaAnalytics/cmc/tmt/

  • Execute the tmt.sh script specifing the name of the cluster, the tenant and the new password:

    /tmt.sh -clnm <cluster_name> -u <tenant_name> superuser-password <new_password>

  • When prompted, type yes.

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