Incorta clusters are virtual containers of Incorta services which are installed in one or many nodes in one or many machines. The CMC can be used to create clusters and services within those clusters. Clusters can manage multiple services. The CMC can also be used to create tenants within a cluster. Clusters can contain multiple tenants. The workload for all the tenants within a cluster is distributed across the cluster.

Create a Cluster

  1. Navigate to the “Clusters” tab.
  2. Select “+” to add a new cluster.
  3. Set the cluster Name..
  4. Select “check” to verify that the cluster name is not used.
  5. Select “Next.”
  6. Enter the database information. For tips and information on parameters depending on database types, see Database Type = Oracle and Database Type = MYSQL.
  7. Select “Next.”
  8. Enter the System Administrator information.

    • Username = admin
    • Password = admin
    • Email =
    • Path = /shared
  9. Select “Next.”
  10. Enter the Zookeepr URL. Use a comma to separate zookeeper nodes, for example for multiple zookeeper nodes (for example,,,
  11. Select “Skip” to skip the Spark Integration.
  12. Verify the information.
  13. Select “Create” to start cluster creation.
  14. Confirm that the cluster created successfully.

You created a cluster and can perform actions on the cluster.

Database Type = Oracle

Ensure that the DML user can connect to the database and that the Data Definition Language (DDL) user has the required privileges listed in the Database Related Requirements section. The database port must be open and accessible through the IP address. In RST-node installations the DDL user must have an empty database with no tables, whether the installation type is “Typical” or “Advanced”.

  • JDBC URL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@<HOST>:<PORT>:<SID>
  • User name = <ORACLE_USER_NAME>

If you use a separate account type, provide another user (DDL user and password)

Database Type = MYSQL

Keep the default value (i.e. InnoDB) as the storage engine for the database management system. Ensure that the database port is open and accessible through the IP address. You must start with an empty database with no tables.

  • JDBC URL = jdbc:mysql://<DB_IP>:<DB_PORT>/<DATABASE_NAME>?useUnicode=yes&characterEncoding=UTF-8
  • User name = <MYSQL_USER_NAME>
  • Password = <MYSQL_USER_PASSWORD>

Add Services to the Cluster

  1. Navigate to the “Clusters” tab and
  2. Choose a Cluster.
  3. Navigate to the “Services” tab.
  4. Select “+.”
  5. Add the loader service information.

    • Choose Node = loader1
    • Choose Service = [LOADER] loader1
  6. Select “Add”
  7. Select “+” to add the analytics service
  8. Add the Analytics service information

    • Choose Node = analytics1
    • Choose Service = [ANALYTICS] analytics1
  9. Select “Add”
  10. Navigate to the “Details” tab.
  11. Select “Start”

You can now use the cluster.

Add a Tenant to a Cluster

  1. Navigate to “Local” > “View.”
  2. Select the “Tenants” tab.
  3. Select the “+” sign.
  4. Enter the Tenant information.

    • Name = demo
    • Username = admin
    • Password = admin
    • Email =
    • Path = /shared/tenants
    • Choose Include Sample Data
  5. Select “Next.”
  6. Enter the email information.

    • Sender’s email =
    • Sender’s Password = dummy
    • Keep the default for the rest of the parameters
  7. Select “Create.”
  8. Select “Finish.”

Verify the tenant is created (Note: no server restart will be needed)

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