Returns an element of a delimited string.


Find and return the second element of the ’-’ delimited string “Apples-Oranges-Bananas”.


In this example, splitPart returns “Oranges”.


splitPart(string delimited_string, string delimiters, int index)
  • delimited_string: delimited string to search
  • delimiters: string representing the delimiters
  • index: index int of the element to return




This function parses delimited_string in segments by delimiters. It returns the segment indicated by index. The first segment, before the first delimiter is segment 1. Note that the word before a delimiter corresponds to a index value “1” and the one after corresponds to a index value “2”. If the same delimiter is repeated after the second word, then the following word corresponds to a index value “3”. If the delimiter is different, then this delimiter is surrounded by a word corresponding to a index value “1” (before) and a index value “2” after.

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