Conversion Functions

Function Syntax Description
epoch() epoch(timestamp expr t) Returns the number of seconds since the epoch given a timestamp value
int() int(double expr x) Returns an int from a double
long() long(double expr x) Returns a long from a double
parseDate() parseDate(string expr s_date, string mask) Returns date from a string using a specified format
parseDouble() parseDouble(string expr x, string mask) Returns double from a string
parseTimestamp() parseTimestamp(string expr date, string mask) Return a timestamp from a string with a given time and date format
quarter() quarter([timestamp or date] expr t) Returns the quarter corresponding to a timestamp or date expression
second() second([timestamp or date] expr t) Returns the seconds component of a timestamp or date expression
string() string(int expr n) Returns a string from an int
timestamp() timestamp(string expr t) Returns a timestamp from a string
double() double(string expr str) Returns a double from string str
toChar() toChar(date expr d, string fmt) Returns a string from date d formatted with fmt

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