Connect to Incorta

  1. Connect to the Incorta Analytics CMC by navigating to the following URL:
    <INCORTA_IP_ADDRESS>:6060/cmc, where <INCORTA_IP_ADDRESS> is the public IP address of the Incorta instance. AWS CMC
  2. Sign in to the CMC using the following credentials:

    User: centos
    Password: instanceID

    You can find the instanceID on the E2C Console screen from the Instance ID column.

  3. Start the cluster services, by clicking on “Clusters” in the panel on the left-hand side. AWS StartCluster
  4. Select Start. When the “Analytics” and “Loader” services indicate “Started”, the Incorta Analytics web application should be ready to load data and start building insightful reports.
  5. Navigate to the Incorta Analytics platform, by navigating to the following URL:
    <INCORTA_IP_ADDRESS>:8080/incorta, where <INCORTA_IP_ADDRESS> is the IP address of the Incorta instance.
  6. Sign in to the Incorta instance using the following credentials:

    User: centos
    Password: instanceID

    Incorta is ready to use at this point. See the community site for any additional product specific information.

In this example, default ports are used as shown in the default ports table.


If you are having trouble connecting to the services, check their processes are running on the host. See Verifying Incorta Tasks are Running.

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