Email Configuration

You can send Incorta Dashboards, or schedule an Incorta Dashboard to be sent if you have an SMTP server installed and configured for the Incorta environment. There are two steps to configuring the SMTP server:

  • Verify the SMTP server installation
  • Update the server properties with the properties file, or by updating individual properties.

After configuring the server you can send dashboards, or schedule dashboards to be sent using email.

Verify the SMTP Server Configuration

  1. Verify the current email server properties.
  2. Navigate to Incorta home: cd <path to incorta_home>.
  3. Shut down the Incorta server if you are using the embedded database: ./
  4. Navigate to the tmt directory: cd tmt.
  5. List the tenants: ./ -l. The response lists the current tenants.
  6. Run the following command to check the email values for a specific tenant: ./ -lc <tenant name>. The response lists the current email values:

    • mail.smtp.auth. true
    • Your SMTP server address
    • mail.smtp.port. The port number of the SMTP server
    • mail.smtp.socketFactory.class.
    • mail.smtp.socketFactory.port. 465
    • auth.forgot.password. The email password for the Incorta administrator
    • The email address of the Incorta administrator
  7. Update the tenant email properties.

Update the tenant properties using one of the following methods:

  • Modify the properties in a file and upload the file to Incorta
  • Update the properties individually

Update Properties Using a Properties File

To update the email related properties using a properties file:

  1. Edit a file, such as the file with the appropriate values.
  2. Place the property file into the <incorta home>/tmt folder.
  3. Run the following command to update the tenant properties: ./ -u <tenant name> file <filename>.
  4. Restart Incorta server to see the updated properties.

Update Properties Individually

Use the following commands to to update the properties individually:

./ -u <tenant name> <property name> <value>
./ -u demo
./ -u demo mail.smtp.port 25
./ -u demo
./ -u demo auth.forgot.password <put password here>
./ -u demo mail.smtp.auth true

Send or Schedule a Dashboard Using Email

When your email server is properly configured, you can email Dashboards or schedule Dashboards to be sent.

To Send a Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard to send or schedule.
  2. Select Send to specify the names or groups.

You can add an email address in the Send Dashboard window. The recipient does not have to be an Incorta user.

Change the Email Exchange Server Protocol to EWS

SMTP is the default email protocol for the Incorta Analytics email server. Alternately, you can choose the Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) as the email protocol for sharing and scheduling dashboards. The following steps anticipate that you have already installed an SMTP mail protocol.

Changing the email server protocol requires replacing the current email protocol properties SMTP with EWS and restarting the Incorta server. You must stop the Incorta server if you are using Derby (embedded) as your selected database.

  1. Navigate to the INSTALLATION_PATH/directory.
  2. Stop the server: ./
  3. Navigate to the tmt folder: cd <INSTALLATION_PATH>/tmt.
  4. To list the current tenant configurations, type ./ -lc <Tenant_Name>.
  5. Run the following commands to update the tenant email exchange server configuration properties. Replace EWS with SMTP to use EWS:

    • ./ -u <TENANT_NAME> mail.protocol ews
    • ./ -u <TENANT_NAME> mail.ews.url <EWS endpoint URL>
  6. Navigate to the INSTALLATION_PATH/ and start the Incorta server: ./

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