Incorta Service

An Incorta service is a Java Virtual Machine, a Tomcat instance running with specific configurations provided by the user. All services on the same node share the same Tomcat binaries and same incorta.war file. A separate log file is generated for each service. There are two types of services; analytics and data.

The analytics service manages the Incorta UI and user queries, which are sent to the engine to be executed. The analytics service also manages report schedules and on-demand export of data and images from Incorta.

The data service manages data loading and the creation of parquet files and materialized views.

Create a Loader Service

  1. Go the “Nodes” tab.
  2. Choose the “loader1” node.
  3. Select “+” to add loader service to the node.
  4. Enter the loader service information.
  5. Service Name = “loader1” or choose any unique name.
  6. Type “Loader.”
  7. Heap Size = Memory which will be used in this JVM (e.g 2GB).
  8. Select “Check” to verify the service name.
  9. Select “Next.”
  10. Enter the additional Settings.
  11. Accept the defaults.

    • ICC port: Inter Cluster Communication port is for future use to communicate data between cluster services. Make sure to choose different ports for services running on the same hardware.
    • Engine off heap: Enable Incorta engine to use off heap memory for data loading. It is recommended to be enabled to minimize the java garbage collector overhead on the system throughput. By enabling this flag Incorta will depend on the machine memory and not only the java heap space.
    • Max engine off heap:  Maximum off heap memory size used by engine for data loading. if the loaded data exceeds this size, the engine will start evicting of the least common used columns.
  12. Select “Create.”
  13. Select “Finish” to confirm the successful creation.
  14. Check the created service.

Create Analytics Service

  1. Go the “Nodes” tab.
  2. Choose “analytics1” node.
  3. Select “+” to add a service.
  4. Enter the Basic Node information.
  5. Service Name = analytics1.
  6. Type = Analytics.
  7. Heap Size = Depends on several factors.
  8. Select “Check” to verify the service name is not used before.
  9. Select “Next.”
  10. Accept the default additional settings.
  11. Select “Create.”
  12. Select “Finish.”

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