Incorta Nodes

An Incorta node is a physical container of services residing on a single machine. It is not possible to install more than one Node on a single machine, but each node can contain multiple Incorta services (load and/or analytical), assuming the machine has enough memory and computing power. Once installed, the nodes can be federated under a CMC instance. Once a node is federated, it is linked to that CMC instance and is made unavailable to other CMC instances. The node settings include HTTP ports, heap size, email configurations, Spark settings, and cluster management console (CMC) credentials.

Incorta Node Agent

Incorta’s node agent is:

  • A separate lightweight OS process running outside Incorta/Tomcat.
  • A node agent can be attached to one (and only one) Incorta node (i.e. Tomcat).
  • Aware of incorta’s file structure and configurations.
  • Accepts very specific commands from the CMC to apply to associated Incorta node.
  • Communicates with CMC over Netty using a special protocol.
  • Not critical to runtime operation (data and query distribution).
  • Can eventually be made part of standard Incorta installation to separate administration from runtime. Our current CMC is part of the Incorta server.

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