Session Variables

Incorta uses three types of session variables:

  • External
  • Internal
  • Filter Expressions

External Session Variables

External session variables allow you to see near real-time data. Running external session variable queries can impact your source system performance.

External session variables:

  • Query external databases, for example, Oracle.
  • Populate one time for each session.

Use external session variables when:

  • Data is not in Incorta.
  • Data changes at a much faster rate than the refresh rate in Incorta, and you want the session variable to be real time (for example, when you change security privileges).

You can use external session variables in column expressions and filters. This variable queries the database at each session login.

For more information on external session variables, see this video.

For an example of how to use session variables, see Data Security and Session Variables Design.

Internal Session Variables

Internal session variables:

  • Query Incorta data.
  • Populate one time for each session.
  • Can be nested with external session variables.
  • Typically use variables and functions in Incorta like currentdate or currentmonth.
  • Use the latest data in existing schemas and do not require a database connection.
  • Provide better performance than external session variables because they do not depend on an external database.

Filter Expression Variables

Filter expression variables are Boolean expressions created and saved to use in one or more dashboards. Filter expressions reference variables and schema objects in Incorta. They are evaluated when the user opens a dashboard.

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