Configure Mobile SSO for Incorta

Use the following procedures to configure mobile SSO for Incorta.

Mobile Web

  1. Access Incorta using your SSO provider login, with the URL including the tenant (for example, http://domain/Incorta/!tenant_name). The URL redirects to the SSO provider login page.
  2. Only an admin user can access Incorta through the Incorta login, with a URL not including the tenant (for example, http://domain/incorta), which will not redirect to the SSO provider login page.


  1. Enter the environment URL (for example, http://domain/Incorta) and the Tenant name, then select Continue.
  2. The app automatically detects SSO enabling environments and redirects users to the SSO provider login-page. If you use SSO, you cannot access Incorta using an Incorta login. You must use your SSO login.

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