Cluster Management Console (CMC)

The Cluster Management Console (CMC) is a web UI application developed by Incorta to help administrators:

  • Create and manage a cluster.
  • Create and manage Incorta nodes.
  • Create, add, start, or stop a loader and analytics service in a cluster.
  • Create, import, or export a tenant.
  • Filter and view log files for tenants, services, by date, and by service type.
  • Set configuration options:

    • Zookeeper Connect String on the cluster
    • Set the SQL interface for Analytics services
    • Tune the maximum number of CPU cores (%)

Log in to the CMC

After you complete the Incorta installation steps, navigate to the CMC at the following URL to complete the cluster setup: <IP_ADDRESS>:<HTTP_CONNECTOR_PORT>/CMC. For example, localhost:6060/cmc.

Create, Import, or Export a tenant using the CMC

You can create, import, or export a tenant at any time after installing Incorta Analytics. It is usually the step following Create/Add/Start/Stop a service in a cluster using the CMC for a fresh installation.

To create or import a tenant using the CMC:

  1. Select Clusters in the panel on the left-hand side.
  2. Select the cluster where you want to create a tenant.
  3. Select the Tenants tab.
  4. Select +New.
  5. Select Create Tenant, to create a new tenant, or select Import Tenant to import a tenant that you can have exported from another environment or received as a separate file.
  6. Create a unique name and credentials for the new tenant, ensuring the Path field contains a directory that is accessible by all the nodes withing a cluster.
  7. Enable the Include Sample Data option to include sample schemas and dashboards with the installation, then select Next. This is recommended to verify that everything is working properly post installation, and before uploading your data.
  8. Provide an email address and password to use as the sender’s email when sending dashboards then select Create.
  9. Select Login, to log in to Incorta’s web application in a browser with the tenant just created.
  10. Select Configure, to log in to the Admin UI console to configure the tenant just created (Admin Privileges Required). The admin UI is a web application for admins to manage system and tenant configurations. It can be accessed at: <IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT_NO>/incorta/admin.

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