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About the Tenant Management Tool

The Tenant Management Tool (TMT) is a command line tool for managing and configuring one or more tenants in a given Incorta cluster. The tool is a JAR file, tmt.jar, and a shell script file,

A System Administrator with root access to the host running the Cluster Management Console (CMC) is able to run the Tenant Management Tool. The default location is:


When using either tmt.jar or, you must specify the Cluster name or a Cluster JDBC database connection string. Here are the available commands and input parameters for the TMT:


java -jar tmt.jar [Options]
./ [Options]

Cluster name

-clnm,--cluster-name <cluster name >

JDBC connection string to cluster metadata database

-cjdbc,--config-jdbc <driver class name> <connection string> <user> <pass>

Change tenant path

-p,--change-path <tenant> <new path>

Change the default log path

-logpath,--log-path <path>

Copy tenant data files, used with create/import/export

-cf,--copy-data-files <data files directory>

Create a new Tenant

-c,--create <tenant name>

Create system tenant


Disable tenant with given name

-d,--disable <tenant>

Enable tenant with given name

-e,--enable <tenant>

Exports all favorite dashboards for all users in the specified tenant.

-ef,--export-all-favorite-dashboards <tenant>

Export tenant to specified output path

-ex,--export <tenant> <output path>

Force actions without requiring interactive confirmation.


Import all favorite dashboards in the given file for a specific tenant.

-if,--import-all-favorite-dashboards <tenant> <partial-tenant-export-file>

Import tenant from external package

-i,--import <tenant package>

List all available tenants

-l,--list <filters [e - display enabled tenants only, d - display disabled tenants only, p - print tenant path in case tmt is not running from the command line] >

List tenant configs

 -lc,--list-configs <tenant>

Override tenant name, used with create/import/export

-on,--override-name <new name>

Override tenant path, used with create/import/export

-op,--override-path <new path>

Override tenant properties with another properties file, used with create/import/export


Pauses scheduled jobs (data loads/alerts/send dashboards), used with import tenant

-psj,--pause-scheduled-jobs <no>

Remove property

-rp,--remove-property <tenant> <property-name>

Remove tenant with given name

-r,--remove <tenant>

Rename tenant

-re,--rename <tenant> <new name>

Run in interactive mode


Tenant super user mail with import

-sm,--super-email <new super mail>

Tenant super user name with import

-su,--super-user <new super user>

Tenant super user password with import

-sp,--super-password <new super passsword>

Update a tenant configuration property

-u,--update-property <tenant> <property-name> <value>

Upgrade the metadata schema for all tenants


Use sample data, used with create


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