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A TMT command is available to migrate scheduled jobs created after daylight savings time (DST) began to adjust the time zone when DST ends. The result is the jobs will run at the same time before and after DST ends.

For each applicable scheduled job, the time zone offset will be mapped to the new time zone region for the four main US time zones only, as shown below:

Current Time Zone Offset New Region Timezone
GMT -7: Americas/Los Angeles PST
GMT -6: Americas/Denver MST
GMT -5: Americas/Chicago CST
GMT -4: Americas/New York EST

Command Details

Command Name: -mst or --migrate-scheduler-trigger

Here are the possible arguments:

Argument Description Example
. Run against all available tenants ./ -clnm localCluster -mst .
<TENANT> Run for the specified tenant only ./ -clnm localCluster -mst demo
<TENANT> <USER> Run for all jobs owned by the specified user in the specified tenant ./ -clnm localCluster -mst demo admin

Contact support to obtain the script that will enable you to migrate scheduled jobs for DST.

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