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About the Query Plan Viewer

The Query Plan Viewer allows a tenant user to view the direct data map path that the Incorta Analytics Service uses to retrieve or calculate a measure in an Incorta Analyzer table, Incorta View, an Insight, or while exploring data for a physical schema or a business schema.

Query Plan Viewer access rights

A user that has the right to the Analyzer. For more information, refer to Analyzer.

To access the Query Plan Viewer, in the Analyzer, in the Measure tray, select > for a pill. In the Measure pill properties under Advanced, select Query Plan.

Query Plan Viewer Anatomy

The Query Plan Viewer consists of the following:

  • Action bar
  • Diagram canvas

Action bar

The Action bar consists of:

  • A maximize button (diverging arrows icon) that you can select to maximize the window of the Query Plan Viewer.
  • A minimize button (converging arrows icon) that you can select to minimize the window of the Query Plan Viewer.
  • An X that you can select to close the Query Plan Viewer.

Diagram canvas

The Diagram canvas shows the Direct Data Map path diagram which contains the following:

  • The name of the physical schema or business schema of each object in the Query Plan
  • Base table, which refers to the driving object in the join path
  • Schema objects
  • Join arrows, if any

In the Query Plan Viewer, you can view the physical schema entity objects you are using and their relationships, or joins, between the objects as an arrow, and the base table. The arrow source represents the child table, and the target represents the parent table.

The base table that specifies how Incorta joins two schema entities.


You can join two physical schema entity objects that are not directly joined (i.e. the tables that do not share a common dimension) by dragging and dropping a column from a transactional table into the Base Field.

There is a key at the bottom of the query plan viewer that indicates the entity type by color. Here are the entity types, and corresponding colors:

  • Table - blue
  • Materialized View - green
  • Alias table - red
  • Incorta Analyzer table - orange
  • Incorta SQL table (Incorta Labs feature) - purple

Example to view the direct data map path with the Query Plan Viewer

Here is an example to view the Query Plan Viewer:

  • Sign in to the Incorta Direct Data Platform™.
  • In the Navigation bar, select Content.
  • Select a dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, edit an insight.
  • In the Measure tray, select > beside a pill.
  • In the pill properties, Advanced section, select Query Plan.

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