Set a Schema Load Status Alert

Set up a schema load status alert to notify one or more people by email when a schema loads successfully.

Before you perform this task, you must have:

  • A dashboard to send.
  • Schema to load.
  • An IncortaMetadata schema based on an Incorta Metadata source.
  • Scheduled IncortaMetadata schema with a loading time equal to or less than the schema refresh time (for example, if the schema refreshes every 20 minutes, the time to load the schema must be 20 minutes or less).

Configure a data alert:

  1. Select the dashboard to send in the notification email.
  2. Set the email notification reoccurrence to daily.
  3. Enter the emails to which to send the notification.
  4. Set the columns equal to the following values or formulas:

    • Current Time: $currentTime
    • Last Modified Date (the last date on which the schema has a status): incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.LAST_MODIFIED
    • Time between (the time difference between now and the schema last modified date. This formula calculates time in milliseconds. Divide by 60,0000 to convert to minutes): timeBetween($currentTime, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.LAST_MODIFIED)/60000
    • Status (the metadata database uses numeric values for statuses. This statement describes each status in a more readable format):
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=2,'Extraction
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=4,'Extraction
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=5,'Loading
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=7,'Loading
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=-10,'Not
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=100,'Finished
with Errors'
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=102,'Interrupting'
, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.STATE=101,'Interrupted' ,
  1. Set the Filters equal to the following values:

    • Name (filter by the schema): IN <schema_name>
    • Duration (get the latest schema status within the scheduled duration of the schema refresh): timeBetween($currentTime, incortaMetadataOracle.LDR_JOB_HISTORY.LAST_MODIFIED)/60000<20
    • State (numerical value of the status you want to send by email): IN 7

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