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Configure OAuth for OneDrive

When connecting to OneDrive from Incorta, you need to create and configure a Client ID and Client Secret pair. You or your Security or System Administrator that manages your organization’s OneDrive account can configure OneDrive accordingly.

Steps to Create Client Credentials for OneDrive

The following steps outline how to create the OAuth credentials needed to connect Incorta with your OneDrive:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal.
  • Select Azure Active Directory.
  • Select App Registrations.
  • Select + New Registration.
  • Enter an application name. This is a user-facing name and can be changed later.
  • From Supported account types select Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox).
  • Enter a Redirect URI. For use with Incorta, following is the Redirect URI format:

If you are unsure of the correct Redirect URI, contact Incorta Support. This setting can be changed later.

  • Select Register.
  • In the Overview menu, copy your Application (client) ID.
  • In the Authentication menu, in the Implicit grant and hybrid flows section, select the checkboxes for:

    • Access tokens (used for implicit flows)
    • ID tokens (used for implicit and hybrid flows)
  • Select Save.
  • Select Certificates and Secrets.
  • Select Client Secrets+ New Client Secret.
  • Enter a description of the client application.
  • Select an expiration period for the client secret.
  • Select Add.
  • Copy the generated Client Secret Key.

Add permissions for Microsoft Graph

  • Select API permissions.
  • Select + Add a permission.
  • Select Microsoft Graph and delegated permissions.
  • Search for user or scroll to the User from the permissions menu.
  • Select and User.ReadWrite.All.
  • Select Add permissions.

Add permissions for SharePoint

  • Select API permissions.
  • Select + Add a permission.
  • Select SharePoint from the list.
  • Search for MyFiles or scroll to MyFiles from the permissions menu.
  • Select and MyFiles.Write.
  • Select Add permissions.

The Application (client) ID and Client Secret Key pair will be used to connect Incorta to your OneDrive.

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