Vertica connector properties

Parameter/Switch Description
Username Username for Vertica instance
Password Password for Username
Connection Pool (defaults to 30)
Connection String String describing how to connect with the Vertica data source jdbc:vertica://<HOST>:<PORT>/<DATABASE_NAME>
Connection Properties Additional required connection properties
Use Data Agent Enable using a data agent to securely ingest data from an external data source that is behind a firewall.
For more information, please review Tools → Data Agent and Tools → Data Manager.
Data Agent Enable Use Data Agent to configure this property. Select from the data agents created in the tenant, if any.

Important: Data Agent

A data agent is a service that runs on a remote host. It is also a data agent object in the Data Manager for a given tenant. An authentication file shared between the data agent object and the data agent service enables an authorized connection without using a VPN or SSH tunnel. With a data agent, you can securely extract data from one or more databases behind a firewall to an Incorta cluster. Your Incorta cluster can reside on-premises or in the cloud. A CMC Administrator must enable and configure an Incorta cluster to support the use of Data Agents. Only a Tenant Administrator (SuperUser) or user that belongs to a group with the SuperRole role for a given tenant can create a data agent that connects to a data agent service. To learn more, see Concepts → Data Agent and Tools → Data Agent.

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