NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connector

Prerequisites for SuiteAnalytics

  1. Purchase SuiteAnalytics Connect module from Netsuite.
  2. Enable SuiteAnalytics Connect.
  3. Download and configure NetSuite Connect JDBC Driver.
  4. Define SuiteAnalytics parameters after adding it as a data source.

SuiteAnalytics Parameters  

The following parameters will need to be defined to successfully connect SuiteAnalytics as a data source:

  • Data Source Name
  • User Email: The email used to log in to NetSuite.
  • Password: Password for NetSuite account.
  • Connection Pool
  • Connection String: The details for this parameter can be found in the Set Up SuiteAnalytics Connect section of NetSuite. Using Linux 64-bit as operating system, here’s an example of the connection string:


Enable SuiteAnalytics Feature

To enable the SuiteAnalytics feature from the SuiteAnalytics home page:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.
  2. On the Analytics subtab, in the Data Management section, enable SuiteAnalytics Connect.
  3. Select Save.

Download Connect Driver

After you have enabled the SuiteAnalytics Connect feature, you can then download the Connect driver.

  1. On your NetSuite home page, find the Settings portlet, then select Set up SuiteAnalytics Connect.
  2. Select your Operating System from the menu in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Download next to the driver you want to use (JDBC preferred).

The download page contains a section called Your Configuration that contains information you will need in order to configure your driver for the SuiteAnalytics Connect service.

Copy the values for the following:

Variable Name Example Description
SERVICE HOST The value displays an account-specific domain. Account-specific domains contain the account ID as part of the domain name and identifies the account type (production, sandbox, or Release Preview). 
SERVICE PORT 1708 The TCP/IP port on which the SuiteAnalytics Connect server is listening. Should always be 1708.
SERVICE DATASOURCE or The name of the SuiteAnalytics Connect server data source to be used for the connection
ACCOUNT ID 123456 The NetSuite account ID that will access the SuiteAnalytics Connect schema.
ROLE ID 3 Role IDcorresponding to the Account ID.

Configure Connect Driver

After the driver has been downloaded, you will need to register the JDBC driver in your environment by adding the jar file Location to your class path.

To do so complete the following steps:

  1. Extract the NQjc.jar file.
  2. Copy the NQjc.jar file to  <Incorta_Analytics_Home>/IncortaNode/runtime/lib/ directory.
  3. Restart the Incorta analytics and loader services.

NetSuite User Roles

The user credentials used to connect to Netsuite will need to be set up in NetSuite with either the Administrator or a custom role attached to that user’s access.

The default role for connecting into NetSuite is the full administrator role (Role ID=3).  Alternatively, you can create a custom administrator role with View privileges for the lists, transactions, and tables that you want to import into Incorta. In the case that you create a custom administrator role, the new user ROLE ID # is substituted for the default ROLE ID above.

Before choosing an alternate custom administrator role, keep in mind that you may not have full access to the data required for a full Incorta implementation if the permissions are not properly set on both the NetSuite and the Incorta side.

For further instructions on how to install and configure NetSuite SuiteAnalytics, see NetSuite’s guide on SuiteAnalytics Connect.

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