Maintenance Packs for Incorta 4.8

Incorta encourages customers to upgrade to the most recent release. Here are maintenance packs notes for this minor release.


When upgrading, please review and follow the procedures outlined in the Upgrade to Incorta 4.8 documentation.

Maintenance Pack 4.8.5

What’s New?

  • Enhanced incremental loads to sync in-memory data to avoid reading the same data again

Issues fixed


  • Fixed an issue where table rows failed to render on scroll after upgrading to Chrome Version 88.0.4324.96
  • Evaluated session variables in filter pills on HTML reports sent to email
  • Fixed an issue with table settings that caused dropping the conditional formatting configuration


  • Fixed an issue where schema loads got stuck in some database connection exceptions
  • Relaxed formula validation to allow session-variable-presentation-variable workaround to work in nested formulas


  • Fixed a permission issue where users with Catalog Manager role could add content under the view-only folder

Maintenance Pack 4.8.4

Issues fixed

  • Resolved an issue with a physical schema table formula column that used the built-in lookup() function
  • Resolved an issue with on-heap memory consumption
  • Resolved an issue with the Analytics Service when loading the direct data map for joins
  • Fixed an issue with child folders that incorrectly appeared in the Content Manager

Maintenance Pack 4.8.3

What’s New?

  • There is an updated Master End User License Agreement (EULA) in the installer. Please read it.
  • Enhanced the performance of formula functions
  • Improved numerous error messages
  • Enhanced the Notebook startup performance
  • Updated the user license agreement in the installer
  • Enhanced performance of several DataLake connectors including HDFS, AWS S3 and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Issues fixed

  • Resolved an issue with the built-in case function failing after 7 conditions
  • Resolved an issue with the Max and Min aggregations for null values
  • Fixed an issue with nested function in a built-in lookup function
  • Fixed an issue with the built-in abs function causing it to return integer instead of a double value
  • Resolved issues with nested business schema view formula columns
  • Resolve issues with a XSLX file download concerning multiple conditions
  • Fixed a case where some materialized SQL queries ending with a single quote would fail
  • Resolved an issue when the SQLi interface fails to initialize
  • Fixed an issue with the incremental load of materialized views created in the Notebook Editor
  • Resolved an issue with the Salesforce connector that caused it to fail intermittently
  • Fixed an issue that cause the Incorta metadata database not to update when there was very long error exception and message for a load job

Maintenance Pack 4.8.2

What’s New?

  • Introduction of the Formula Validation Tool as standalone JAR and packaged directory
  • Improved numerous validation and error messages for formulas using the Formula Builder
  • The Inspector Tool now validates various types of formulas
  • There is a newly available script that automatically synchronizes base and alias tables for a given tenant
  • Improved the performance of key index updates
  • The “the underlying data is being updated” error message now shows the schema name
  • Notebook enhancements for materialized views that enable a “Lazy Start” which improves the performance of Notebook exploration

Issues fixed

  • Resolved a critical issue that causes the Analytics Service to crash in some cases where filtering the number of rows exceeded the max integer
  • Reduced full Garbage Collection (GC) runs that might lead to a “NotResponding” status for Analytics and Loader Services
  • Fixed an issue that causes dashboard insights to fail on installations of Incorta running Windows Servers
  • Fixed an issue with Share not using the correct access link
  • Resolved an issue with the SQLi interface that impacted Power BI external integrations that caused column data from materialized views to appear corrupted
  • Resolved an issue with the SQLi interface that did not expose remote data lake tables (AWS S3, Azure, etc) to external integration tool such as Power BI
  • Fixed an issue that causes a runtime security filter to not evaluate correctly for column data with special characters
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from saving changes to a table with “Incremental” & “Disable full load” options enabled
  • Resolved an issue that caused loads to fail for an external data source using a Informix connector
  • Resolved a problem with the deletion of schema descriptions
  • Resolved an issue that prevented an Incorta Table from materializing
  • Resolved an issue with the “filename as a column” feature of multi-source tables
  • Fixed a case where skipping rows from a header in Google sheet returned the wrong columns
  • Fixed an issue with a Google Drive data source that prevented all rows from being loaded
  • Fixed an issue with the scheduled delivery of a dashboard in MS Excel format that corrupted the file itself
  • Fixed an issue causing cells to merge in a MS Excel dashboard export when there are multiple rows
  • Resolved an issue when a filter expression with a session variable reference did not evaluate correctly
  • Resolved sorting issues for formulas with Analytic built-in functions such as index(), rank(), and denseRank()

Maintenance Pack 4.8.1

What’s New?

  • Numerous enhancements that support Cloud implementations
  • The Analytics Service now evaluates session variables from the cache instead of force evaluating the values from each insight invocation

Issues fixed

  • Fixed a corner case which was causing a tenant import to fail
  • Fixed a schema locking issue that could happen under stress
  • Resolved an issue with Time Series Forecasting and the Incorta ML Library
  • Fixed a case where a date function does not filter in load filter
  • Resolved an issue with the Google sheets connector for Incorta cloud
  • Fixed a case where the wrong base table was set when explicitly using base table in the business view
  • Fixed a case where the base table was not set correctly when assigned to a business view schema with the formula such as sum() - sum()
  • As in release 4.7, implemented the returned DaysBetween behavior with Null values to be the same
  • As in release 4.7, formula columns with an aggregation will return 0 as null representation
  • Sum formula supports only overloaded signature for group by
  • Fixed an issue where a Business View formula column referenced other business view Formulas
  • Change the Substring function to accept result of subtraction for the numeric parameters
  • Resolved a regression in some formulas using parentheses and parameter data types validation
  • Fixed an issue that causes the generation a corrupt Excel file for Pivot Table insight with row totals
  • Fixed a case where downloading Insights that are on second or third row shows blank result
  • Added a configuration to bypass the XML attribute size limit and enhanced the error message
  • Changed tooltip on the line graph to show all measures in the same group
  • Fixed a case where filter values does not show up when using a security filter
  • Added a dashboard loading icon as it was missing in an embedded incorta application
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