Oracle Cloud Applications Connector

The Oracle Cloud Applications connector extracts data from Web Cloud Content (WCC) that the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Connector Console compresses in a comma-separated value (CSV) file format.


  1. Download and Deploy Oracle Cloud connector JAR file.
  2. Restart Incorta cluster from CMC.
  3. Add Oracle Cloud Applications as a Data Source
  4. Define Oracle Cloud Applications connector parameters in New Data Source dialog.

Oracle Cloud Parameters

In the New Data Source dialog for Oracle Cloud Applications, provide the following:

Parameters Description
Username/Password Account identifier and password.
Oracle Cloud Applications Username and Password.
Oracle Cloud Applications URL Data location
Root Query Text An optional filtering query that can be used to filter files retrieved from WCC.

Example: dSecurityGroup <matches> OBIAIMport
Data Type Discovery Policy Defines the metadata definition files. These files must be uploaded first to Incorta Data Files, and must have *.csv extension.

  • Use Both Sample data and Metadata Definition Files
  • Use Sample data
File Name Pattern file_<catalog>_<schema>_<table>batch*.zip
File Criteria - Last Modified Timestamp Acts as a time filter for all the results concerning this data source. Use date format yyyyMMdd HH:mm.

Example >= ‘2019-05-31 15:30’ “ will return all the files created or modified after this date.

Deploy Connector’s JAR File

  1. Create a new extension directory:  $ mkdir -p <PATH_TO_INCORTA_NODE>/extensions/connectors/OracleCloud
  2. Copy the JAR file connector-oracle-fusion-1.2.jar to the new directory: /home/incorta/IncortaAnalytics/IncortaNode/extensions/connectors/OracleCloud
  3. Restart Incorta cluster.
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