NetSuite Web Service Connector


  1. Enable Web Services in the NetSuite portal.
  2. Create a new integration in Netsuite Web Service.
  3. Define the NetSuite Web Services parameters after it has been added as a data source.

Web Services Parameters

In order to connect to NetSuite Web Services you will need to define the following parameters:

  • Data Source Name
  • Service Endpoint: Choose the service endpoint according to your account type. Choice Other adds an addition field. The choices are:

    • NetSuite Production
    • NetSuite Sandbox
    • Other
  • Account ID:  Account ID is located in SOAP Web Service Preferences in NetSuite
  • Authentication Type:

    • Email/Password
    • Token

If Email/Password is the chosen authentication type, you will need the following:

  • Application ID: Application ID from Manage Integrations in NetSuite.
  • User Email: The email used to log in to NetSuite.
  • Password: Password for Netsuite account.
  • Role ID: 3 (or alternate)

If Token is the chosen authentication type, you will need the following:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Token ID
  • Token Secret

Enable Web Services

Make sure Web Services is enabled in the NetSuite Account by an Administrator with the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Company.
  2. Select Enable Features.  
  3. On the SuiteCloud tab, in the SuiteTalk (Web Services) section, enable SOAP Web Services and REST Web Services.

Create a New Integration

To create a new integration, an administrator will need to log in to the Netsuite WebService portal.

From the homepage:

  1. Navigate to SetupIntegration > Manage Integrations.  
  2. Select Create a new Integration and fill out the following fields:

    • NAME: Incorta Web Services (example).
    • DESCRIPTION: Integration for enabling Incorta connection to Netsuite via web services (example
  3. Select Save.
  4. Copy the value for Application ID. You will need this for the Application ID parameter to complete the connection to Netsuite Web Services.

Copy Web Service Account ID

  1. Navigate to SetupIntegrationSOAP Web Services Preferences.
  2. Copy the ACCOUNT ID. You will need this for the Account ID parameter to complete the connection to Netsuite Web Services.

NetSuite User Credentials

The user credentials used to connect to Netsuite will need to be set up in NetSuite with either the Administrator or a custom role attached to that user’s access.

The default role for connecting into NetSuite is the full administrator role (Role ID=3).  Alternatively, you can create a custom administrator role with View privileges for the lists, transactions, and tables that you want to import into Incorta.

In the case that you create a custom administrator role, the new user ROLE ID # is substituted for the default ROLE ID above. Before choosing an alternate custom administrator role, keep in mind that you may not have full access to the data required for a full Incorta implementation if the permissions sets are not properly set on both the NetSuite and the Incorta side.

For more information on setting up Netsuite Web Services, see the SuiteTalk documentation.

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