Example -- Deploying a Single Node System

This example is intended to help you familiarize yourself with the Incorta installation wizards and what kinds of data they expect. You can then use this example as a roadmap for completing your own deployment.

The result of completing these steps is completely functional Incorta instance ready to analyze sample data.

The example proceeds with four major steps:

1. Provisioning a MacBook Pro running Mac OSX Catalina.

For Mac OS X Catalina, only adding the OpenJDK11 or Oracle JDK8 is required.

See Provisioning a Macbook Pro

2. Installing Incorta the package.

In this step you will unpack the incorta-package.zip file and run the installation script it contains. The Incorta software will be installed. You will then start the Cluster Management Console (CMC).

See Installing the Incorta Package.

3. Configuring an Incorta Cluster.

From the CMC, you will configure a simple cluster consisting of one Analytics and one Loader service. You will then start these services.

See Configuring and Running a Local Cluster

4. Adding a Tenant to the Cluster.

In this step you will add a Tenant to the cluster and import some sample data for analysis.

See Creating a Tenant for the Example Dataset.

At this point you should be able to work with the sample dataset supplied with incorta-package.zip.

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