Migration Upgrade from 4.3 to 4.5

Perform the following steps to run the upgrade migration tool for Incorta Release 4.5.

  1. (For Windows installations only):

    • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable.
    • Set the HADOOPHOME environmental variable to `<Incortainstallation_path>/IncortaNode/hadoop`.
    • Add to the PATH environmental variable: %HADOOP_HOME%/bin.
  2. Sign into the 4.3 CMC: http://<cmchostname>:6060/cmc/.
  3. Stop all 4.3 services.
  4. Verify that the 4.3 loader services and analytics services are not running.
  5. Backup the folder that contains your Incorta installation.
  6. Upgrade the CMC and every Incorta node to Release 4.5. by running the ./install script.
  7. Start CMC.
  8. Sign in to the 4.5 CMC: http://<cmchostname>:6060/cmc/.
  9. Select the cluster.
  10. Select the Upgrade Cluster Metadata button.
  11. Run the 4.5 upgrade migration tool <IncortaNode>/migrateSnapshotsTool.sh in the 4.5/IncortaNode directory on one of the loader services.
  12. Replace Spark with the new version bundled with Incorta and reapply any custom configurations.


You can use migration.properties to default some of the configuration parameters used for the 4.5 upgrade migration tool: migrateSnapshotsTool.sh migration.properties.

  1. Follow the prompts to determine whether to run for all or specific objects.

What to Expect After Running the Upgrade Migration Tool

When the upgrade migration tool completes running, it prints a result summary for each tenant you specified. If any failures occurred they will be listed with the results.

You must view the Sign file (named migrationTool.<timestamp>. Sign in the same directory as the Incorta Node) to see the results for individual tables.

The upgrade migration tool creates backup files of Direct Data Mapping files (snapshots) for each schema:

Original Direct Data Mapping (Snapshot) File Location Backup Direct Data Mapping (Snapshot) File Location
snapshots/<schema_name>.*.zxt snapshots/backup.<timestamp>/<schema_name>.all.zxt.zip
snapshots/<schema_name>.*.zxi snapshots/backup.<timestamp>/<schema_name>.all.zxi.zip
snapshots/<schema_name>.*.zxc snapshots/backup.<timestamp>/<schema_name>.all.zxc.zip

Verify that the Upgrade Migration to 4.5 Completed Successfully

Verify that the CMC works correctly and contains your data as expected by performing the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the CMC: http://<cmchostname>:6060/cmc/
  2. Open the Nodes tab.
  3. Open the Clusters tab.
  4. Open the Tenants tab.
  5. Verify that your migrated tenants are in the Tenant List.

Verify that your Tenants upgraded as expected by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the Analytics service.
  2. Sign in to each migrated tenant.
  3. Open the Schema tab and verify that your existing schemas display.
  4. Run a dashboard to verify that it looks as expected.
  5. Load schema and verify that it loaded into the dashboard as expected.

For information on troubleshooting and known issues during upgrade, see Installation and Upgrade Troubleshooting.

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