SOX Compliance

Incorta complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). Users cannot modify the data in Incorta. All updates are maintained by Incorta loader services. All data comes from customer sources, and Incorta is only used to summarize and visualize the data on dashboards. There are two ways to control the data that displays:

  • Schema definitions which control the data imported into Incorta
  • Dashboard definitions that control how the data is projected to the user

Incorta tracks all changes made to schemas and dashboards. Incorta comes with a dashboard which shows all changes made to these objects, by whom, and at what time. Auditors use this dashboard to track changes made in between audits.

Incorta tracks all activities in the system (for example, sharing content, logging in, sharing dashboard, and loading data from a dashboard) to see what user has downloaded content from the Incorta platform. All events are tracked and you can analyze them in an Incorta dashboard or in the audit.csv file. Incorta maintains a history of changes made to any report definitions. Incorta provides data lineage to show the origins and references to data fields within the entire Incorta Analytics platform.

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