Silent Installation

What is “Silent Installation”?

Silent Installation is a process that helps users install Incorta seamlessly without any interaction, using a file called “the response file”. The response file contains the parameters used to configure an installation. This file gets generated automatically upon finishing an installation using any of the conventional (UI/Console) modes. However, since Incorta ships a pre-configured response file with suggested installation parameters, you have the option to either use that file, or their own configuration.

Why Silent Installation?

The Silent Installation will help:

  • Seamlessly replicate installations in an HA environment.
  • Automate test suites.

How is Silent Installation performed?

See Installing Incorta with a Response File.

What is the format of a response file?

Response files use a key=value format.

For example, if a console installer that you have previously built has effectively one real option, the properties file might look like this:

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